Milos Host
Store Owner

Milos Host, the owner of Hockey Locker took over the store in August, 2016 with plans of continuing the tradition started in 1998 when Bonnie and Wayne "Skip" Semandel opened the store in order to pursue their dream of love for the sport. Located on the corner of Wilson park, where hockey has thrived for decades, Milos looks to serve every hockey fan by supplying equipment and providing skate services.

Milos was born in what was then "Czechoslovakia" in 1981 and hockey has always been his passion. Growing up and spending his childhood in a communist state where every player’s wish was to some day be able to live and play in a western world, Milos has fulfilled his dream. As a passionate goalie, he has played with some of the most notable players in NHL today. Being a dedicated fan, player, father, and coach, the goal is to use his ethics and experience for the benefit and convenience of Hockey Locker's customers.

Milos is very thankful to Bonnie, Skip and their sons Troy and Kurt who have made his dream come to reality and Hockey Locker is now his second home.